In the heart of the historic center of Cartagena de Indias

We invite you to discover who we are and what we can do to please you.

We are located in the old Los Jagüeyes neighborhood, known since the late seventeenth century as the San Diego neighborhood.

Our name has the composition of "Bóvedas" in honor of the Las Bóvedas Military Complex, the last construction of a military nature carried out in Cartagena de Indias by the engineer Antonio de Arévalo in the 18th century and "Santa Clara", as a neighbor of the former Convent of Santa Clara de Asís.

The Hotel is the product of a detailed process of restoration and design of the renowned construction firm Arias Serna & Saravia. In the magnificent Republican style building you can see outstanding variations such as the change of the balustrade in wood for concrete, and the appearance of sober decorative details in the façade, still keeping certain features of the colony as the amplitude in its floors, covered in terracotta tiles on the outside and in a row and interior style, achieving today's unique Santa Clara Hotel Boutique Bóvedas, where in addition to its exquisite design you will find an excellent combination of technology, hospitality and service with a highly qualified team committed, dedicated to make our guests, remember your stay as a pleasant unforgettable experience.

Certificate of national registry of tourism